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Instant Payments

Any time, Anywhere

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One Window

A single payment platform for all possible services in the country;


Continuous and non­stop nature of service provision;

Fee Free

Significant cheapness of the cost of making payments;

Secure, Risk Free

Transactions are encrypted with the highest encrytion available;

Quick Update

Quickly adding new services, rapid changing of payment details at the request of service providers;


Readiness to scale quickly across the country;


Distribution of payment devices on the franchise model.


Trained and experienced team with deep knowledge of of local specifics.


For Clients

­- Convenient and intuitive user interface of the payment kiosks allows payment transactions directly without intermediaries;

­- The operations are carried out instantly;

- The principle of "single window" (payment supermarket) allows the customer to pay for other services too at the same time;

­- As a result of inserting cash funds the payment kiosks give a check as proof of the payment;

­- The payment kiosks and other devices also provide the ability to check online transactions;


For Service Providers

­- It allow to save distribution costs up to 3 times;

- Release from non­core functions (logistics, accounting, control and monitoring of distribution items);

- Zero financial risk when making payments through iCAN system, as it is used deposit clearance method at all levels;

- A high level of security and fraud protection;

- Launching new services for sales or bonus campaign quickly and without significant costs.

For agents (owners of the trade points)

- The new autonomous form of business, which provides a stable income without a large financial and time expenses;

- East to install: it requires only 1m2 and 220V power outlet nearby;

- Fast payback on average 7­-8 months;

­- Attracting new customers due to the payers (30% on average), if it is an extra business;

­- Solid income from advertising;

­- New workplaces

iCAN Payment Equipment

Self-Service Kiosk Simple

iCAN ProLine Simple v.2. + Frame for 2-nd monitor / Bill Validator NV9 USB / Coin Acceptor EMP 800.14 USB / Custom VKP 80 II / General Touch 17" / Asus C8HM70-I / 2GB DDR3 SDRAM 1066MHz / HDD 250GB, 16MB, SATA-3 / LCD-Monitor Acer V173DObmd / Arch Linux
All specifications

Gift: Thermal Paper Pack (6)

Guarantee - 1 year

Sizes 1430 x 500 x 350 mm

Bill Validator NV9 USB/NV10 USB

Custom VKP 80 II

LCD-Monitor Acer V173DObmd

Intel® Celeron 847 on board


Arch Linux

14 990 DH    21 500

Mobile POS Terminal K370

Dual CPU: Samsung S3C2410 & STC12LE5412 / 32MB FLASH, 32MB SDRAM / 1 power port,1 RJ11 telephone port,1 12PIN multi-function port include 1 USB HOST,1 USB DEVICE,2 RS232 port / High Speed Termal Printer, Speed: 5cm/sec, Paper Width:57mm / 128*64 FSTN / 18 Keys with waterproof and dustproof, 10 alphanumeric keys, 8 function keys / MODEM,GPRS / ArmLinux
All Specifications

Gift: Thermal Paper Pack (6)

Warranty - 1 year

Size: 200 x 90 x 60 mm

High Speed Thermal Printer

128*64 FSTN, LED backlight(65x34)

Dual CPU, S3C2410 & STC12LE5412

Standard 32MB FLASH, 32MB SDRAM.

Arm Linux

1450 DH    2 170

Mobile Application e-Wallet

Top 5 advantages of e­Wallet

1. No time limit on payments. Hencefore the customers may make any payment operation using their personal devices anytime.

2. No territory limit on payments. The customers do not need to be closer of the payment points for payment purposes. They may make payments anywhere in the country or even outside.

3. e-Wallet as a payment method is an ideally solution for Internet shops especially global shopping portals like AliExpress, JD or others.

4. The mobile application is a nice tool to keep in touch with the customers, regularly advertise or promote them new services and products.

5. The high demand of e-Wallet top-up need by the customers will make iCAN basic client devices (Self-Service Kiosks, POS and PC/terminal applications) more demanded by the owners of traditionally sale-points (Big malls, Supermarkets, Teleboutiques, Internet Cafes, Railway stations, Bus stations, Airports, Gazoil stations, Business centers and others). It'll be enlarge physical network of the payment system covering more and more areas.

Android 4.x, 5.x


Payment Module for ATM

Payment module for ATM is a special software solution for integration with the Bank ATM Networks to accept payments from the bank clients directly from the ATM.
Our solution enhances bank market offerings with new added-value services.
In addition to withdraw cash and perform operations ATMs may provide new services: instant money transfers, bill payments, ticketing, mobile phone top-up, etc.

Added-value services (with iCAN)
• Bill payments
• Mobile top-up
• Ticketing

Payment Module for Cash Registers

Payment module for Cash Registers is a special software solution for integration with the retail networks system to accept payments from personal clients. The Cash Registers powered with Payment integration module may accept personal payments from the customers in the retail chains or small family-run stores.

Added-value services (with iCAN)
• Bill payments
• Mobile top-up
• Ticketing

clear Presentation, transparent Arrangment, easy Launching

28 May Business Plan 29 May Contract 30 May Transportation 01 June Launcing 02 June
  • Order Presentation

  • Discuss Project in detail

  • Make Arrangement

  • Provide Papers

  • Sign Contract
    with Processing

  • Launch Business

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maintenance of the
payment business
Armen Ghochikyan

Artak Hovsepian
Developed solutions for processing and client devices for payment systems from Top 5 in Russia, Morocco. Also expert on North Africa and the Middle East.

Mesrop Ghulijanyan
Processing engineer
Architect of heavily server projects, highly qualified specialist in information security

Vahe Hayrapetyan
Business Development
Market research, successful promotion of products and services

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4. Clear description of the customer equipment and technical documentation
5. Equipment maintenance Instructions
6. iCAN Kiosk Manual
7. Web Portal Manual

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Document Package Content

I Block Presentation

1. Short Presentation - iCAN_en.pdf
  a) How it looks - points.pdf
  b) How it looks - transportation.pdf
  c) How it looks - office.pdf
  d) Network - net.pdf
  e) Monitoring - net.pdf
  2. Full Presentation - ican2015_v1.2_eng.pdf

II Block Business Plan

1. Business Plan business_plan_v1.1_eng.pdf
2. Annex
  a) Exclusive Services Agreement - Exclusive_Services_Agreement_Ethiopia.pdf
  b) Self-Service Kiosk - Self_Service_Kiosk_eng.pdf
  c) Self-Service Kiosk, Offer for Agents - Self_Service_Kiosk_Offer_eng.pdf
  d) Mobile POS Terminal - POS_eng.pdf
  e) Mobile POS Terminal, Offer for Agents - POS_Offer_eng.pdf
  f) e-Wallet - e-Wallet_eng.pdf
  g) Payment Module for ATM - ATM_eng.pdf
  h) Payment Module for Cash_Registers - Cash_Register_eng.pdf
  3. Financial Plan - iCANfinancials_common.xls
  Sheet:"Summary Forecast"
  Sheet:"Financial Model Common"
  Sheet:"Financial Model Processing"
  Sheet:"Chart Total Revenue and Costs"
  Sheet:"Chart Total Cumulative Income"
  Sheet:"Forecast of Income and Expenses"
  Sheet:"Cash Flow Projection"

iCAN ProLine Simple v.2

Case ProLine Simple v.2.
Lock Standard
Basic Display Acer V173DObmd
Second Display Acer V173DObmd
Touch Screen LED 17" 3мм.
General Touch
Bill Validator ITL NV9 USB
CashCode MVU
CashCode MSM
Cash Code MFL
MEi SCL8307L
Thermal Printer  Custom TG-2480H
Custom VKP-80II
Custom VKP-80III
Eclipse PSA-80
Модем Huawei E352
Стабилизатор LogicPower LPH-800RV
Power supply for printer MeanWell NES-100-24
Motherboard Intel D2700MUD
CPU Intel ATOM D2700 1.6GHz
Оперативная память DDR3 1333 2GB
Disk SSD SDM4-M 22P/180D 128GB
Power Supply Fujitsu-Siemens PRN-310W
OS Linux
Payment System iCAN

K370 Mobile POS Device

K370 POS terminal with iCAN solution is a compact fully functional device which quickly processes payments. It meets all current safety and security specifications. The terminal is light weight and at the same time uses powerful batteries to make it the ideal choice for portable solution. A compact design with low costs, the terminal retains all the features of full payment terminals, in addition to built-in rechargeable battery so it will continue to operate when and where there is no electricity.

K370 POS Technical Specifications
Item Specifications
Processor Double CPU, Samsung 32 Bit CPU & 8 Bit CPU
Memory Standard 32MB FLASH, 32MB SDRAM. Can be extended to 64MB, 128MB FLASH/SDRAM, support at least 500 transaction records.
OS Linux
Power Supply External switch power
Input: 100V~240V, 50/60Hz
Output: 8.5VDC, 2.5A
Embedded 1000Mah/7.2V Li Battery in Handset
Working electric current power on current:70mA~120mAm, stand by mode: 10MA printing average current:1A
Connectivity 1 power port, 1 telephone port, 1 12PIN multi-function port (include 1 USB HOST,1 USB DEVICE,2 RS232 port)
Magnetic Stripe Reader Track 1/2/3, bi-directional swipe,
GB/T 14916,GB/T 15120,GB/T 15694-1,ISO7812-2,GB/T 17552 compliant,
life cycle :above 500,000 times
IC Card Reader EMV Level1& Level2 approved
PSAM Slots 1, ISO7816
Printer High Speed thermal Printer
Speed: 5cm/sec, Paper Width:57mm , Support print graphics
Life cycle: 50 km(above 250,000 pieces receipts)
LCD 128*64 FSTN C16 level grey with LED backlight,
Display size: 65*34mm
Keypad 18 Keys with waterproof and dustproof,